THC Nuke (CO2 Oil) 2 grams




THC Nuke (CO2 Distillate Oil/2 grams)

This activated oil can be dabbed, smoked, eaten, or vaporized and comes in a convenient glass applicator.

Great for dripping onto your favorite snack and eating (10mg dose every 2-4 hours please). Now, your favorite snack can become an instant edible! This award winning honey oil is ultra premium and was extracted with CO2. No additives.

At 1 gram (10 servings per container), this oil (when eaten) will leave you feeling a euphoric and relaxing sensation that comes on slowly and peaks at 2-3 hours (depending if you have an empty stomach).

Eat a lentil or half pea sized dose (depending on your weight) and wait 1 to 2 hours until you are familiar with the effects.

THC Nuke (CO2 Distillate Oil/2 grams)

Findings (%)
o8THC ND, o9THC 89.47, THCV 0.37, THCA ND, CBD 0.23, CBDA 0.17, CBC 1.14, CBDV 0.16, CBG 1.06, CBGA 0.13, CBN 0.95
Total THC: 89.840%
Total CBD: 0.560%
Total Cannabinoids: 93.680%
Total Active Cannabinoids: 93.643%


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